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Vertical Herbs
The vertical garden for your balcony

Vertical Herbs was created with the intention of combining the wisdom of herbs with the metropolitan life.

With Vertical Herbs you can make your vertical garden on the balcony, terrace or in any tight spaces.

Vertical Herbs is an innovative design solution and built using sustainable, natural materials : wood, hemp and terracotta.

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Vertical Herbs in Accoya wood
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100% Accoya Wood

Accoya® wood is a new high performance wood, ideal for outdoor use and challenging applications.

Solid wood

The Vertical Herbs garden is entirely made using solid wood to obtain a long lasting product.

Moonlight color

The distinctive moonlight color makes Vertical Herbs unique and perfect in any environment.

Quality product

With a soft and pleasant to the touch surface finish, the vertical garden is designed and crafted to offer a real quality product.


Orto Small


50 x 30 x 160

a) width 50 cm
b) depth 30 cm
h) height 160 cm

Orto Medium


60 x 40 x 180

a) width 60 cm
b) depth 40 cm
h) height 180 cm

Orto Large


80 x 40 x 200

a) width 80 cm
b) depth 40 cm
h) height 200 cm


Panca Bench


wooden bench

accessory sold separately

Corda Rope


2 mt of hemp rope

accessory sold separately

Vasi Pots


 9 terracotta pots

accessory sold separately

care & maintenance

Vertical Herbs requires no special maintenance.
When dirty clean the wood with water.

Creeper plants

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